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A typical American makes about 4.5 pounds 30% of which is document, daily of trash per individual. Aside from the environmental benefits of employing electricity that is less and less paper to transport it-all, planning paperless could save you time and debris. Spend your charges online, you can learn how to reduce the report you generate athome, and begin archiving critical papers electronically, to move in a route. Advertising Methods Approach 1 of 3: Reducing Paper Athome Donate to digital content rather than hard copies. Though you’ll find nothing wrong with checking to a couple of your favorite newspapers, huge loads of journals you don’t examine is really a big waste of power, tattoo, and most importantly, report. Eradicate or minimize your newspaper and journal subscriptions for the bare needs and opt for electronic versions of the journals you read frequently. For reading around possible, use online language resources. You should have less litter and pay less, besides protecting trees.

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In addition, you have the capability to search simply if you want to save lots of the info and you can store digitally. Any number of different commercials and catalogs can litter your address along with your garbage can. Irritating for, junkmail enables you to feel for creating garbage you did not also want in the first place responsible. legged But by being positive and adhering to a few basic steps, you lessen this inefficient practice and can opt out of all circulars. Contact the Mail Preference Assistance and obtain which you be placed on a do-not-mail listing and contact individual mailers to possess your address removed. You-can’t go through the postal support, since the email deliverer can’t legitimately choose what email resolved “To Resident” is unfavorable. Contact them at the origin, if you don’t are interested.

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Advo, Pennysaver and Redplum are common mass market mailing services. Contact businesses that you just’ve patronized before and demand that your handle be taken off their email list. Sign up for their email number rather, and that means you do not lose out on good deals.. One about getting a good paperback, your preferred publication, or the newspaper of the great things, is the fact that you may carry around it with you. Study and nobody really wants to sit at the computer all day. Nevertheless you do not have to! Obtain an e reader like a an iPad or a Kindle and add your preferred reading material read software -to- onto a straightforward-to- move. If you with the experience of guides that are authentic to use a stainless that is cool e reader, you’re one of many. But it doesn’t suggest bring about document waste and you must obtain brandnew hardbacks.

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Visit with share and the local public catalogue guides, publications, and newspapers for-free. Several libraries actually have e-borrowing, that’ll allow you to borrow e-books and read them on your portable product or tablet for a restricted period of time. Indicator files that are significant electronically. Signing critical documents will be the one-time right and deal with true document, you have to printing? Services that are safe provide capability to examine signatures online quicker than ever before, rendering it a breeze to putting pen to report, though it comes to remain digital even. Lite, SignNow and HelloSign are typical providers that offer electronic signature possibilities. It is simple and commonly accessible. Of doing this one of many more DIY ways is to sign a piece of report, then check it into your PC. Harvest the picture around your trademark and transfer it directly into a Term report, and conserve being a pdf.

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If you’d like. Once your message is sent by you, then, you could have your trademark righton the report. 5 Use cloth napkins. Cells towels and your home waste are convenient and fast, but can easily add together. As opposed to employing paper items to wash up, produce the change to cloth towels that are washable and handkerchiefs to reduce your paper waste. Have the stacks and start recycling. However got outdated term forms from high-school? Consumer books for aged VCRs? Every problem of Pro Wrestling Illustrated from 92-98?

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Its possibly time to handle paper youve already-built up’s piles and reduce the debris. Merely going through the piles that you’ve got laying around-can become a good way of creating oneself feel as if you’ve produced some essential actions in-going electronic. Recycle the report you are getting gone and move forward to the electronic frontier, uncluttered. Advertisement Process 2 of 3: Paying Bills Online. Building insurance, energy, and and mortgage funds doesn’t should happen with document checks. For that most element, online fee sites are far faster and extremely user friendly than delivering your payments through the article. Start an account that is online for every of one’s monthly bills and ask that you receive online improvements for your account. You can pay every one of your expenses individually, to each consideration, however, many banks own it setup so you may plan your on line funds using the bank, and routinely remind one to make those funds each month, or quickly create the obligations without your agreement.

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If you learn you are planning to need to create the obligations regularly, set up it to quickly bank and have one less factor to be concerned about. Demand online assertions. Consult that every bill and electricity eliminate you and opt for improvements and electronic assertions rather. You do not have to get transaction improvements and mailers through the email if you are spending your utilities online. Go on and switch all communications to upgrades. Some providers wont send you an email everytime your consideration is updated, making it vital that you get actions to check on your bill routinely and routine payments consequently, to make sure that your records are uptodate. Document your taxes online. Making tax forms out can be a huge waste of report plus a huge expenditure.

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Rather than sending at tax-time in a large bundle of one’s duty info, purchase a web-based assistance, like TurboTax, and. While there’s typically a tiny price associated with getting your tax refund online, most solutions will require the repayment straight out of any refund that you obtain, building itessentiallyfree to you. It’s really a great deal, very, and much faster -simple. 10 Enquire about direct deposit at work. Talk in regards to the possibility of direct deposit to your employers if you’re still getting a report check by the end of each and every week. There’s in making workers minor sensation function paper investigations that are worthless for the bank every few days, when the likelihood of your tough-acquired income heading straight into your account can be done. Advertising Strategy 3 of 3 Important Documents Electronically Invest in a superior-quality scanner. Digitizing papers and crucial archives will not only let you cut down on mess and progress in going electronic, nevertheless it can guarantee the safety of those documents for your long haul.

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Cool and Doxie are new brands of scanner which can be specifically made to produce reading lots of files fast and simple. Theyre handheld and smooth, in case you dont presently own a reader making it a superb expenditure. Nevertheless, normal scanners on printers are great for that work, should you choose. Scan in a quality minimal enough so the documents aren’t enormous, but low enough which means your printout will be helpful as being a copy of the file that is initial. Frequently 300dpi is adequate if you don’t’re archiving pictures. Utilize grey scale scanning to save much more ram. 12 Printing to PDF. When you’ve scanned your crucial, delicate, or personalized documents, you don’t possess to print them to preserve them secure or to maintain them copied. Alternatively, choose “Print to PDF,” that may develop a secure, high-quality document that can’t be edited.

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Brand the file and retain your critical files prepared efficiently. Stay organized. Name-your papers anything distinct and maintain them sorted which means your computer desktop doesn’t become as cluttered as your actual pc. Like ” house repayment July 08″ or ” bill 12/23/2008 Bestbuy” or “auto insurance record 20090201 you increase your repository keywords that mean anything for every check.” This will permit you to do a search of keywords to identify a record if you want it for anything. You could consider employing a database software that utilizes keywords to help you organize your scans if required. rising dividends are in the cards Doxo and Cool all present this kind of support.. Purchase an additional harddrive on your computer and back your data up routinely to retain a replica of the things you would certainly be heartbroken to reduce.

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Preserve one copy in another area out of your pc, and produce atleast backups of the most critical knowledge: a bank an online backup assistance, and safe-deposit box, a PALis property are many possibilities. 15 Air gap info that is important. If you should be afraid of someone probably using control of the computer and robbing your entire digitized papers, then store them on an outside Flash drive or Hardware flash drive, preserving it disconnected from the computer. It is a method called “air-gap,” also it will help keep your information that is many sensitive safe. Nonetheless accomplished, no hacker has ever learned just how to steal information from the push that is not linked to something. 16 Consider cloud-storage. If you have got your data backedup to the great harddrive within the sky, you do not have to bother about anything being corrupted, dropped, or broken in a flame.

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Try coconut oil, butter, grape, and mayonnaise. Tips Going digital will more than likely require some expenditure of time-up front, nevertheless it will even save you time on a continuing basis. Mix all that paper clutter, kind email, or you will not must record papers. It makes sense to maintain your store bills around to get a couple weeks, in the event you may want to return a product towards the store. Next, digitize them: document statements often blemish, and they might be needed by you if you ever aclass participant in certain class-action lawsuit and become unreadable ineffective for that intent after a couple of years. Electronic content won’t fade out. If you are afraid of somebody potentially acquiring control of the pc and robbing all your digitized files, subsequently shop them on an outside USB hard drive or Flash thumb drive, maintaining it disconnected in the pc (called “air-gapping”). No hacker has previously realized how-to take knowledge from the push that’s not connected to something. Don’t forget to demolish them when disposing of crucial report files.

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Only ripping them apart is not enough. You certainly do not wish to become an identity theft victim.. Electronics tends to crash in some time, and you certainly don’t need to shed your papers, therefore be sure to also have a copy content over a different travel that is real.! Once you do get or use document, see that it gets disposed of effectively. Do not generate added waste by departing your newspaper behind you about the shuttle or train; go home or to the first report recycling package along the right path.

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Revise Report Howto Choose a Excellent Skateboard Picking a great skateboard can be difficult, if you’re a beginner within the game. There’s a lot which you need to take into account, as well as the fee. You have to also think about the terrace, the complete table, the vans, and also the wheels, whether you’re purchasing a readymade are piecing together your own or skateboard. After you understand what makes a superb skateboard, you’ll be hammering up the skate parks right away. Advertisement Measures Process 1 of 3: Choosing things to purchase Decide what you’re going to purchase. You are likely to wish a whole, if you need an excellent board for less income. If you desire a better board for more money, you’re planning to want to custom make yours. Advertising Decide whether you want even a avenue/vert table, a classic or a longboard. Longboards can cost from $120 – $500 Classics may cost from $80-$400 Street/verts can cost from $50-$150 Advertising Technique 2 of 3: Obtain A Total Board Youare going to wish to buy one from the respected source, if youare likely to purchase a complete.

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Acquiring online may help you save several pounds, but attempt your skate store that is local first. The few additional pounds spent help your local neighborhood that is skate and the look. Creating a connection that is good with a regional skate look typically saves you money in the long run. The completes are as bad as tailor made, however you can get them to get cash. A complete can charge anywhere from $50-$200 (USD). A custom made may cost everywhere from $90-$500 (USD). Advertising Finishes (from left to right) Cost in USD Manufacturer Mini-Brand Crimson $99.00 Mini-Emblem Classic BUCKS149.00 Surf-One Twisted Monster BUCKS59.00 Powell Dragon Dawn Wave BUCKS149.00 Surf One Kickflip Reddish $59.00 Angelboy Andy Mac Fist $59.95 Andrew Mac Approach 3 of 3: Purchase a custom table Buy the deck How much cash are you wanting to spend over a skateboard deck? Decks without design around the bottom, clear decks, frequently manage a whole lot cheaper than decks that are pro and drive just as well. But also you have income that is sufficient and if you fancy having your chosen pro skateboarder’s patio, move right onward.

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Buy a quality patio. Decks available at your local department store have photographs of animation characters around the underside and usually are of quality that is low. If you want a complete table, but-don’t know precisely what you want, obtain a skateboard that is complete from the company or visit a skate look and ask the worker about the products. 8.0 or over is most likely best, if you want to ride on the streets, get yourself a 7.5 to 8.0 deck, if you like to ride vert. Another idea while choosing a table thickness, to keep in mind is also what sort of style you wish to skate and how high you are. Most specialized skaters (the ones who integrate flip techniques that are advanced..ke Rodney Mullen) have a tendency to benefit boards between 7.5 and 7.75 regardless how tall or tiny they happen to be. Of experiencing a skinny table, top of the hand permits speedy rotation. One other aspect of the selection could be the “proceed big” skaters (Jamie Jones is a classic case of the “go big” guy). Most “move massive” people benefit dimension 8.0 or more.

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The main advantage of a wide hefty board seems more dependable under your feet during midair although landing (particularly those who have huge toes). nations appear close on international global In case your a youngster you might wish to just stick to a. Advertisement Units (from left to right) Cost in USD Manufacturer SuperLight $37.50 Mini-Brand Silver $49.95 Powell No Ka Longboard BUCKS75.00 Search-One Mountain BullDog BUCKS62.00 Powell Peralta Block Situation $ Classic Quicktail $100.00 Powell Peralta Choose the trucks The vehicles would be the second most important a part of a skateboard. While investing in a truck, you wish to search for these traits. A duration that’s you can forget 10-inches (25.4cm). A breadth that fits the deck, so 7.5 vehicles. A design that you want.

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[ Grinds ] effectively. Pick a truck that’s no layout, if you’re over a restricted budget out. Style is not everything – that does not mean it truly is good-quality, although it may not appear warm. Ad Vehicles (from left to right) Price Model System Phantom II Truck (White) $17.99 Phantom Grind King The Lower Vehicle (Silver) BUCKS16.99 Routine King Thunder Creepy Crawl Vehicle BUCKS16.99 Thunder Randal 180 BUCKS24.00 Randal Tracker 184 BUCKS24.95 Tracker Trucks Tracker 129 $14.99 System Trucks Purchase the wheels Pick wheels out for skateboard’s kind that you simply have. Need a road patio with long board wheels? Big and delicate wheels are used by longboards. Block boards utilize wheels that are small and difficult.

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Choose wheel as your (e.g’s same make. Zero deck and Zero wheels) – people may consider you are a “poser” if the brands will vary. If you have a terrace (for example Almosts, DGKs, etc.) you’ll be able to pick a wheel from any model. Ad Wheel (left to right) Cost (USD) Manufacturer Diameter S-3 Black $16.80 Mini- Brand 50mm Strobe Silver BUCKS 53mm Trend Dark BUCKS33.00 Surf-One 65mm Tiny Cubic $35.95 Powell-Peralta 64mm Ripper $32.00 Powell Classic 56mm H-Bones Blue $32.00 Powell Peralta 64mm Buy the bearings Ensure the bearings are proper for you. The bearings are ranked in ABEC limitations from 1-9 (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9) with all the higher levels being more correct and exact, meaning they will last longer, spin more properly and faster, and clearly cause you to transfer a whole lot softer, quieter, and faster. The best grade to your first table will likely be 5. If you start with ABEC 1 wheels (which are noticeably cheaper) and enhance them as time goes on, it will be difficult to become accustomed to when you may proceed faster than before.

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Ad Bearings Cost in Brand Bones Red Bearings BUCKS Bearings Ceramic Bearings BUCKS Bearings Bones Labyrinth $ Bearings Bones Authentic Swiss Bearings BUCKS Bearings Bones Swiss Bearings $39.99 Bones Bearings Little-Brand Bearings $8.99 Mini-Brand Your support could be really used by us! Can you reveal about Child car seat upholstery? Yes No car seat upholstery Just how to upholster an automobile seat Can you tell us about Healthy Hair-Care? Yes No Healthy Hair Care how to have healthier hair using coconut oil Can you reveal about Manner? Yes No fashion How to make pants look modern Can you tell us about Windows 7? Yes No Windows 7 How to repair a black display on Windows 7 after it resumes from hibernate Cheers for helping! Please reveal all you find out about… Tell whatever you understand here to us.

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Remember, more detail is way better. Tips Provide Specifics. Please be as comprehensive as possible within your clarification. Don’t worry about format! We will care for it. For instance: Don’t state: Consume more fats. Do say: Incorporate fats with some nutritional value towards the foods you presently eat.

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Attempt butter olive oil, avocado. Submit Guidelines Take it offtheshelf, before you purchase any patio and stay onto it to make sure it is period and a good width. Wear the sneakers you plan to skate in order to inform how it will feel. Do not buy a table because it seems great, get one which has sense that is great. Afew excellent wheel models are Spitfire, Ricta, Bones. When obtaining a new board would be to visit the local skate store and speak with the folks there a good thing todo — they are frequently very useful. The guys at the store will be able to tell you what panel is going to not be bad for your needs that are skating. Keep in mind different people have various opinions aboard manufacturers.

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Persons declare Plan-Bis are excellent, but I know others that say it’s not. Some like forums, some do not. Only check the panel out and find out how you are suited by it. You might want to make sure this if you’re being extremely cautious together with your selection. Some skate retailers promote bare units that usually have good place and certainly will last a long time. These are also less expensive than brand-name forums. If you’re in-it for that tips, you’ll need a skateboard that’s sleek wheels and place, great pickups and an excellent concave. In case you only want to sail consider finding a long-board. Merely spray on it on if you prefer a great design on your blank patio.

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A stencil will work perfectly. Should this program is chosen by you it is all of your design about the deck and you may create it look the way you wish. Acquire some hold gum should youn’t want to mess your griptape up. They are pricey, at $ 14. Silvers, and grind Separate Thunder are likely the most effective vehicles in the marketplace. Speed Demon, Flip HKD, Black Panther, and bones are a few of the greater company bearings. Skating doesn’t require the accuracy of the machine spindle or routine, which means you may never need the ABEC quantities that are higher for your bearings. Some corporations, such as for example Bones, do their bearings to not possibly price. As a general principle with bearings, you obtain that which you buy, and money is cost by quality.

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If you prefer to pay for a little extra cash for the hardware (bolts) then opt for Lucky hardware. If you prefer it to put up up to get a longtime, I would suggest Shorties. Many units you purchase are likely to be about $50-$70. That distinction is not in quality, the things they sell for and its in model. Hi-tech units frequently keep going longer and so are about the higher priced end your basic 7-ply is going to do the same occupation. The typical full will definitely cost type $140-$200. As you want it to last quite a while, make an effort to obtain the best board achievable if you should be a beginner. Woman, Switch Baker, Almost, Plan-B, Candy, Alien Class is included by some good decks.

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Since they are all made, any big name model works. Before you buy a brand new board, make sure you are currently going to skateboard a whole lot; otherwise it’s not worth it to used $100+ over a startup you will not end-up using. In case you are trying to obtain a panel that is minute, and also you are receiving to the point where you believe, “Do I do want to be vert or neighborhood?”, this is a blend that is proposed: Deck: Either Switch, or a Chocolate, Woman, Nearly. 7.75″ (7.75 may be the essential dimension for a mix of neighborhood and vert.) Vans: Royal, Mastery, Separate, or Mill King. 7.75″ Bearings: Destructo or FKD. ABEC 7. ABEC is really a score for the cut of the bearing’s accuracy. 3 is the lowest, 9 could be the highest.

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I suggest 7 to get a combo of neighborhood. Wheels: Any 52mm-54mm of any brand. Therefore bumps and pebbles while in the street are not sensed to powerfully I suggest 97 hardness. Electronics: Shorties of any sort. Theirs supports the most effective. Griptape: Any that you like. I recommend which you prevent tinted grip-tape as it accumulates dust and begins to appear ratty and very over time. An excellent deck combination if you prefer to street sail (but don’t wish a longboard) is: Terrace: Any Powell Peralta table (old school fashion) ideally 10 by about 30 inches (76.2cm).

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You can get those at powell-peralta.com. Vehicles: 9.5-inch (169mm) Separate trucks. Wheels: 85a Bones wheels or 90a. To get a block cruiser, you never wish hard modest wheels (hard is approximately 92a or more, modest wheels are under 60mm). Wheels that are smooth do not trip-up on chips, and 90/ wheels that are 85a continue to be heavy enough to go fast. Should you choosenot have a bundle Reds are, simply got by bearings: any Bones bearings. Griptape: MOB IS LIMITED!

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Warnings Your panel is not exposed by do not to components for example heat that is extreme or water. The board will start to separate. Because should you choose rotate methods with shorts your ankles are likely to get beat up make an effort to use long pants. Remember, no skateboard lasts forever. Each panel has unique lifespan, regardless of the manufacturer. Should you skate alot turn tends to separate the easiest. Nearly and Lady planks normally have the greatest life span. If you like a board that lasts genuinely longer and you also possess the income, opt for the Uber panels.

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Nearly typically start at $70 simply for the patio and has three Uber forums authorized by Mullen, and completes range between $150-$250 only for the fundamental. You then are speaking lots of cash if you want an ideal panel. Uber boards are seasoned forums, so until you have been skating one or more year, if you are novice don’t get one and also you got the experience of a normal professional panel. And that means you gotta have stability so its whole lot smoother uber boards are in fact two boards inside another panel! Skateboarding is really a hobby that is hazardous. Especially if you’re going to be hoping mad tips and holes, a helmet is advised to prevent head injury, and patches are advised if you wish to have elbows and joints when you are through. Retail board bearings may come off quickly in a few weeks despite securing them to the toughest and are the toughest bearings in the world.

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Its cheaper but if you wanna become a skilled skater you gotta get a seasoned panel. Training each day at the least 1-hour. If you can’t do-it, don’t actually abandon the key. Boards bought at any store are really undesirable and therefore are bad for skating and are called poser forums by skaters that are dedicated. Where to get a great board can be your regional Skate Store. The Next greatest place to buy a board is actually a chain-store like Zumiez. Also BlackHoleBoards has every model you label. Don’t-get into skateboarding should younot want to spend the income, or some time.

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You will often proceed through a board six or every five months of course if you never desire to undergo that, discover another game. Remember do not get those skateboards from Walmart. They certainly will crack from the solitary ollie that is landed incorrectly and wont hold-up to any skating. 2 cheap boards weekly for a few months results in the custom essay writers buying price of two or three forums that are pricey, although I know they are cheap. These boards will also be slow which makes them a great deal more hard todo on tips and heavier. Skateboard takes some a lot and time of training. Don’t do any severe secret like 360 or Hardflips Front-Flips and soon you understand the fundamentals: The Ollie, Kickflip, 10 sec Boardslide Handbook and Heelflip. Things You May Need Skate Shoes – Trucks DC, Etnies, Slipped Helmet Regional Skate Shop Skatepark that is nearby or street Skateboard Patches Budgets First-aid system Crew

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Change Post How-to Use PayPal PayPal is one of many approaches that are most popular and reliable to deliver and get cash online. To find out more relating to this company and how to-use it, browse the methods below. Advertisement Actions Approach 1 of 2: Finding A Free Account Understand the support. PayPal’s homepage is found at PayPal.com. From here, you investigate and discover a little more about it, or can immediately ask a merchant account. Here is a run-down that is fast in case you do not desire to take some time to stick yourself around. Continue reading

How Triangulation Strengthens Action Research

Online method of learning has come from genuinely much. Recent years years has seen plenty of technological developments that have therefore permitted simple online delivery of training. The speed of continuing and internet innovations in the learning environments that are personal has had a fantastic constructive impact on the education sector too. A majority of enterprise schools and schools have now gone online. They’ve develop MBA Online applications aimed at enabling anyone who would like to get this degree to do this and never have to attend classes face-to-face. Continue reading

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Hi,apa khabar semua ,berjumpa lagi kita dalam posting seterusnya.Hari ini saya ingin menulis artikel bertajuk ‘keburukan gula’.Ok rasanya semua kenal gula kan ? Ke ada juga yang tak tahu gula ?



bahaya gula

Kenapa gula dikatakan bahaya untuk kesihatan ?
Gula ialah pemanis yang berasal dari pokok tebu yang diawet supaya menjadi pemanis nombor satu di Malaysia.Eh Malaysia je ke pakai gula ? Haha tak kisahlah  bukan itu yang kita nak ceritakan.
Air tebu memang tiada masalah ye kalau diminum segar-segar.Yang menjadikan gula bahaya ialah bila proses mengawet tebu menjadi gula pasir tu.Itu yang menjadikan gula tebu tu bahaya.Bayangkan ye air tebu warnanya hijau atau kekuningan,tapi bila dah diawet dengan pelbagai campuran bahan kimia menjadikan warna air tebu bertukar menjadi warna putih kristal.Gula pasir memang warna putih kristal.Hasil dari proses pengawetan tadi juga menjadikan gula pasir bertahan sehingga satu tempoh yang agak lama.Mungkin 1-2 tahun.


Saya tak katakan anda tak boleh minum minuman bergula.Tap kurangkanlah pengambilan minuman bergula ni,sebab kesan dia memang sangat buruk untuk kesihatan.Ye ke selama ni saya minum ok je ,tipu lah.Memang la efek dia bukannya terus nampak.Bukannya malam ni kita minum air bergula ,besok terus dapat penyakit.Efek dia mungkin 10-15 tahun akan datang masa kita tua nanti.Masa tu lah baru kita tahu ,kenapa ? Sebab ada penyakit kencing manis,sebab ada darah tinggi,jantung tersumbat,banyak lagi lah penyakit kronik disebabkan pengambilan gula ni.


Ada seorang doktor mengeluarkan buku dan tajuk buku tu “Gula Racun Putih” kalau tak silap saya.Saya pernah baca buku tersebut dan dalam buku tu dia cerita pasal gula je.Memang menarik kalau baca.
update (ini contoh buku dia )
Kalau nak diceritakan pasal gula ni ,3 hari pun tak habis nak taip kat sini.Jadi cukuplah sampai disitu sahaja untuk artikel kali ni.Saya akan sambung banyak lagi topik berkaitan gula lepas ni dalam artikel seterusnya.Juga saya akan kongsi bagaimana kita boleh minum atau makan makanan yang manis tanpa had dan juga risau akan penyakit kronik ini.Tunggu ya,saya akan menulis lagi.
Sekian sahaja untuk artikel kali ni.
Terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada anda semua kerana sudi membaca artikel saya yang tak seberapa ni.

Petua Merawat Penyakit Darah Tinggi

Assalamualaikum saya ucapkan kepada semua pembaca disini.
Topik kali ini ialah berkaitan dengan penyakit darah tinggi.
Ok,saya akan bagi beberapa tips untuk merawat penyakit darah tinggi ini.

Apakah itu penyakit darah tinggi ?

Darah tinggi atau dalam bahasa scientifiknya “hipertensi” ialah suatu
penyakit yang sangat berisiko tinggi dan boleh menyebabkan kematian.Penyakit ini
juga berpunca apabila tekanan darah ke dinding arteri sangat berlebihan.Tekanan
darah tinggi sangat bahaya jika tidak dikawal dan ia juga boleh menyebabkan kepada
beberapa penyakit lain seperti sakit jantung dan strok.
Hampir 95% penghidap darah tinggi mengalami strok yang sangat bahaya untuk kesihatan.

Antara sebab-sebab terkena penyakit darah tinggi

1.Kegemukan ataupun obesiti ialah salah satu dari punca penyakit kencing manis ini.
Anda mengamalkan gaya hidup yang tidak sihat seperti ,memakan makanan yang sangat
berlemak tak kira waktu siang ataupun malam.

2.Kurang senaman,anda jarang melakukan senaman.

3.Stress yang selalu , anda perlu mengawal stress dan kalau boleh elakkan stress.
Ini sangat bahaya ya, sila kontrol emosi kalau anda marah.Tekanan darah akan menjadi
tinggi sekiranya anda stress dan marah.

4.Garam atau masin,kalau anda seorang penghidap penyakit darah tinggi,saya sarankan
supaya anda tinggal dahulu makanan yang mempunyai garam yang banyak.Garam atau masin
memang sangat bahaya untuk penyakit darah tinggi ye.Sila ambil perhatian yang ni.

Ok,sekarang saya nak bagi petua pula.
Berikut ialah 3 petua yang saya sediakan untuk merawat penyakit darah
tinggi ini,Inshallah dengan keizinaNya anda akan dapat merawat penyakit ini.

1.Daun Kucai


Cara-cara untuk merawat
Ambil seikat atau lebih daun kucai dan tumbuklah sehingga daun tersebut lumat sehingga
mengeluarkan air.Anda dikehendaki minum air tersebut.Sila amalkan setiap hari.
Inshallah penyakit anda akan mulai sembuh.

2.Limau Nipis

limau nipis

Cara-cara untuk merawat

Ambillah 2 atau 3 biji limau nipis dan potong mengikut alurnya.
Kemudian anda perah pati limau nipis kedalam gelas dan asingkan bijinya.
Campur dengan air suam sedikit dan minum.Kalau boleh buat biar rasa lagi masam.
Lagi masam lagi bagus untuk penyakit ini.Ini kerana, khasiat limau nipis boleh
mencairkan darah.

3.Kelapa muda

air kelapa


Ambil air kelapa muda dan minum segelas setiap minggu.Inshallah dapat merawat darah

Cukuplah topik kali ini,kalau ada kekurangan saya memohon maaf.
Sekian terima kasih

Punca Kencing Manis

Tajuk : Punca Penghidap Penyakit Kencing Manis

punca kencing manis
Salam sejahtera kepada anda semua.
Dalam topik kali ini saya ingin menulis artikel berkenaan punca kenapa seseorang itu
boleh terkena penyakit kencing manis ini.

Tahukah anda di malaysia kenapa semakin hari semakin ramai penduduknya yang
menghidap penyakit kencing manis ini ?

Seperti yang kita tahu kesemua sel-sel dalam badan manusia itu perlukan gula supaya
ia dapat bekerja seperti biasa.Gula dapat masuk ke dalam sel tubuh manusia dengan
bantuan hormon insulin.Jika insulin dalam badan kita tidak mencukupi atau jika
sel-sel tubuh kita tidak memberi sebarang respon terhadap insulin,maka ia akan
terjadi kelompok gula dalam darah.Hal inilah yang menyebabkan terjadi kepada pesakit
diabetis mellitus atau pun dalam bahasa kita dikenali sebagai penyakit kencing manis.

Di negara kita Malaysia,jumlah pesakit kencing manis telahpun mencecah 1.2 juta orang
dengan catatan 600,000 kes terbaru pada setiap tahun.

Berikut adalah antara punca-punca seseorang itu boleh terkena kencing manis

1.Obesity ataupun berat badan yang berlebihan.

Lebih dari 80% pesakit kencing manis diketahui memiliki berat badan yang berlebihan.
Ini bermakna bagi mereka yang mempunyai berat badan yang berlebihan,anda juga berpotensi
untuk menghidap penyakit kencing manis ini.Jadi berhati-hati lah yerr.
Kalau boleh kurangkanlah pengambilan makanan berlemak dan makanan yang terlalu manis.
Kalau boleh anda amalkanlah makan buah-buahan seperti pisang,tembikai,dan lain-lain.
Buah-buahan ini memang sangat bagus untuk kesihatan.Mana tak nya,khasiat dalam buah-buahan ini
adalah semulajadi,dan ia tidak bercampur dengan bahan pengawet ataupun kimia.

Soalan : Bukankan buah-buahan itu manis?

Jawapan: Memang buah-buahan itu manis akan tetapi ia tidak mempunyai rasa manis seperti gula pasir
yang dah dicampur aduk dengan pelbagai bahan kimia,dek kerana itulah anda boleh terkena penyakit kronik
ni.Kesimpulannya buah-buahan tidak bahaya dan tiada efek kesan sampingan untuk penyakit kencing manis ini.

2.Tidak bersenam

senaman untuk kesihatan

Anda juga dinasihatkan supaya selalu bersenam bagi memastikan perjalanan peredaran darah berjalan
dengan lancar dan sempurna.Lakukan senaman ringkas setiap hari,seperti membuat warm up dan jogging
setempat.Kalau anda tak boleh nak lakukan setiap hari,maka cubalah untuk lakukan senaman ringan ini
pada setiap hujung minggu,kerana senaman ringan ini sangat penting untuk tubuh badan anda kekal cergas.
Jangan bagi alasan tiada masa atau penat.Sekarang memang la penat,tapi tak la penat mana pun kalau anda
lakukan senaman ringkas ni kerana ianya sangat membantu anda.Jangan sampai dah terbaring dekat katil
hospital tu baru anda nak pergi bersenam ( hahahaha gelak jahat) ingat tu ya.Lagi pun kalau anda bersenam
setiap minggu tu memang seronok,lagi-lagi kalau yang dah ada isteri kat rumah tu,apa la salahnya kalau
dia teman pergi jogging kat taman setiap hujung minggu.Kalau nak lagi seronok pergi la awal pagi
udara pun segar je senang cita memang best la huhu.

3.Tidak minum air masak yang mencukupi



Air masak ataupun air putih hendaklah diminum 7-8 gelas setiap hari.Ini kerana air putih sangat membantu
dalam sistem peredaran darah anda dan juga sistem imunisasi badan.Sekiranya anda mengambil air putih mencukupi setiap
hari,saya yakin hal itu sahaja dapat menyembuhkan segala penyakit,kerana dalam air putih terdapat 1001 khasiat untuk
badan.Bukankan badan kita terdiri dari 80% air ?.Kalau nak lagi bagus ,minum air putih yang hangat / suam.
Kalau setiap pagi dan malam anda amalkan air putih suam , badan anda akan rasa ringan je.Kalau tak percaya boleh
cuba ye.

Kalau anda rasa ada salah satu punca kencing manis diatas yang anda buat , maka perbaiki lah dengan menggunakan tips yang
telah saya cadangkan itu.Cukuplah sampai disini sahaja artikel ini.Saya berharap ianya sangat membantu anda
dalam menyelesaikan masalah kencing manis anda.



Terima Kasih.